Tales of Us | Film Poster

Short Film Illustration Poster
Photography: Pieter Henket   |  Illustration & Art Direction: Karen Hofstetter

Film is a beautiful, powerful medium to tell stories that need to be told.

The two awards winner short film, “The Little Fish and the Crocodile” has not only enjoyed a four month exhibition at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam as part of the Congo Tales exhibition, but it also recently began it’s festival tour around the globe.


Tales of Us team journeyed several times over a three-year period to the Congo Basin with a drawing and animation teacher, an education expert, the project’s producer and other researchers and partners. Together they worked with local teachers on guiding children to draw from the elements of nature and create interesting characters with which to tell stories.

Over the course of several workshops facilitated specifically for the children of Mbomo, these remarkable kids progressed from initial character creation, to creative storytelling and development. By playing with and performing their own adaptation of a traditional story – “The Crocodile and the Fish” –a short film was born as a result of these workshops. This short film will serve as one of the main aspects of our project exhibition, film festivals and educational supplements.